When you inhale you are entering future;
When you exhale it is the past;
In between is the present.
~BKS Iyengar~


Green Community, The Market Mall, First Floor - Dubai Investment Park -

Jebel Ali - Dubai -


Yoga Classes | Dubai

About us

Yoga Om has been the Green Communities wellness destination for the last five years, offering yoga and pilates classes as well as dance and martial arts for children.

Our dedicated teachers are highly qualified in yoga, pilates, total barre, classical ballet, modern jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, hiphop, tap, gymnastics and wado ryu karate.

We are accessible from not only the Green Community but also Jebel Ali,  Al Furjan and all South Dubai.

Through our classes, our aim is help you create a lifestyle that is dedicated to your health, body, and mind.

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