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Yoga Classes | Dubai

Performing Arts: Parent Watch Week


  • Prenatal classes with Julia
  • Every Tuesday @ 11 am beginning on June 2019.
  • You can also request a private class.

These classes are open for moms who are 12+ weeks pregnant until giving birth.

«Soul and spirit are stretched - along with body - making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.» - Anne Christian Buchanan

☝️Prenatal yoga is very beneficial for pregnancy and birth.

 Yoga gives us a chance to slow down and focus on all that is going on in our bodies, it helps nurture a deep sense of connection with your growing baby. 

Helps ease pregnancy aches and pains

Improves circulation on a cardiovascular and lymphatic level which will help prevent fluid retention under the skin, leg cramps, etc. 

Helps with a balance on both the physical and mental level. 

Helps to build strength and stamina without putting stress or strain on the body. 

Calms our nervous system. Yoga poses, combined with deep breathing and meditation brings our nervous parasympathetic mode, which helps move our bodies into a state of relaxation. 

It helps empower a woman and creates space for becoming a mother. Pregnancy is a huge time of transition and a major life change for many women, and while nothing can fully prepare you for this incredible new role, feeling grounded and happy within yourself is vitally important. 




GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Training


Kids Yoga Teacher Training with a Distinguished Teacher

Greville Henwood

to be held at our own Yoga Om studio.


We're back in the fabulous UAE for another GroovyKids® Yoga Teacher Training.

Fees:                      3150 AED incl VAT
Where:                   Yoga Om Studio, Green Community, DIP1, Dubai
Certification:        Yes! Worldwide!
When:                    November 22-23, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM both days.

Join us for another TT in Dubai, we teach you in one weekend the most practical method for beginners or advanced teachers, therapists, mums and dads, anyone who loves kids...we show you a sequence that is super fun for kids, and more importantly, easy for you to teach.
With over 165 weekends taught, the trainer is Greville Henwood, the owner and founder of this globally inspiring company.


This weekend will improve your understanding of humanity and teach you to empower through yoga.
No experience necessary! Must love movement!
Manual and certificate upon completion.
Deposit accepted.
For all payment inquiries,
contact YogaOm studio (04) 885 3655

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